[sane-devel] Another merge request suggested for xSane: 'move selection' and 'move screen' drag modes

Ralph Little skelband at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 04:40:10 BST 2020


On 2020-06-08 3:34 p.m., Maxim Ushakov wrote:
> There is an other suggested pack of changes for xSane and its Preview 
> window:
>  1. Add 'Create selection for full-frame of 135 format film' button.
>  2. Remove 'Undo Zoom' button, it is useless.
>  3. Redesign 'Drag modes':
>      1. Left button outside the selection: create a new selection.
>      2. Left button on a border of selection: modify this selection.
>      3. Left button inside the selection: move the selection.
>      4. Middle button anywhere in the screen: move the screen (for
>         Zoomed mode only).
> It is designated for simplifying the process of scanning camera rolls 
> and slides.The user can Zoom In as they like to, create a selection 
> box with an exact size of frame (135 format, full size or half size), 
> then move this box across the frames, scan frames, move the screen, etc.
> Patterns for mouse buttons are similar to Gimp. There is no general 
> patterns amid image editors and CAD systems, so Gimp is an option.
> The code of xsane-preview.h/cpp was rewritten and simplified first to 
> make new patterns and modes with their cursors easy to add.
> The cloned repo: https://gitlab.com/umaxik/xsane
> Merge request: 
> https://gitlab.com/sane-project/frontend/xsane/-/merge_requests/11
Wow, that's a lot of get through!
I will give it a try and I will review the changes.

Once again, many thanks for your efforts!


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