[sane-devel] perfection v10

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Wed Jun 10 12:28:59 BST 2020

Hi Valerio,

valerio writes:

> Hi Olaf, and others,
> sorry for a long time for the reply, but...
> Il 16/01/20 12:01, Olaf Meeuwissen ha scritto:
>> Hi Valerio,
>> Looks like your device is more defective than your english :-/
> but in Microsoft it works well...

So it's not a hardware issue, probably, but I'm slightly suspicious
because of what you wrote in


Was that talking about the scanner working on Windows for a little less
than three minutes?  If so, it may be a hardware problem after all.

>> Anyway, the issue with iscan-data's post-install script is device
>> independent so that remains to be fixed.  In the mean time though, I've
>> noticed that iscan-data also includes a /lib/udev/hwdb.d/iscan-data.hwdb
>> that has an entry for the Perfection V10.
>> Based on what I see on a Devuan beowulf setup (basically Debian buster
>> w/o systemd), that ought to be enough to make the device usable for a
>> logged in user.
> and then, what can I do?

Wait until EPSON updates the iscan-data post-install script to work with
*current* distributions?

> i think the Epson doesn't work on a model so old...

You may be right.  After all, making old models work again isn't going
to sell any new devices.  So if a manufacturer's business model is based
on selling hardware, then the user is at the losing end.  Even more so
if that user bought hardware that requires non-free software.

Sorry this doesn't help,
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