[sane-devel] ADF support in SANE API

Alexander Pevzner pzz at apevzner.com
Mon Jun 29 18:39:41 BST 2020

>> So there is no AdfState here (this device has no ADF).
> So I guess it does not work with Vuescan either?

I don't know, this device is owned by Till Kamppeter. But I don't think 
vuescan doesn't work with it.

BTW, this device has a strong reputation among me, that if something 
works with Till's device, it will work everywhere :-)

I want to ask one thing. When you publish device to DNS-SD, you use 
rs=<UUID>, while most eSCL clients I've ever seen (erronously) assume 
rs=eSCL. Does it really works with MacOS?


	Wishes, Alexander Pevzner (pzz at apevzner.com)

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