[sane-devel] Please help me

r. a. schmied uwppp at flash.net
Fri Mar 6 17:55:31 GMT 2020

Achille Josserand wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm running linux lite 3.8 and trying to use an Agfa snapscan e25 scanner.
> While trying to update sane backends, I saw your message and noted the 
> email.
> I bought the scanner second hand
> When I plug it the del lights up, seems to work !
> But when I try to hit scna in simple scan, it doesn't.
> Simple scan tells me "Failed to scan" and "Unable to connect to scanner"
> It then proposes me to change scanner. I can see the agfa scanner on the 
> list, but it simply doesn't work.
> Could you please help me or point out a forum topic that would help ?
> Thanks !
> Achille


you really need to give the sane gurus a bit more info to help them help you.

read the manual page for scanimage [ ./doc/scanimage.1 or ./doc/scanimage.man ]

for builtin usage try
  a) scanimage --help
  b) scanimage -A

if scanimage does not report a scanner try sane-find-scanner
(man pages ./doc/sane-find-scanner.1 or ./doc/sane-find-scanner.man)

if sane-find-scanner fails to report your scanner the scanner is
i) not sane supported, ii) not working, iii) not connected.

else create a debugging log and redirect into a file:
  [ from sane archive by rolf bensch 02/23/20 06:18 ]
$ SANE_DEBUG_PIXMA=11 scanimage 2> scan.log > image.pnm
browse thru the sane-devel archive for more insight as
to methods used to get debugging data.

NOTE: change PIXMA to whatever scanimage identifies as your
      scanner backend under the List of available devices:
      for example genesys:libusb:/dev/usb:4a9.1905/0
      use GENESYS

then send the debugging log file to the sane list.

best of luck



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