[sane-devel] Canon ImageCLASS MF743cdw

Chris Richards gizmo at giz-works.com
Wed Mar 18 23:03:44 GMT 2020

On 2020-03-18 15:38, Alexander Pevzner wrote:
> On 3/18/20 11:27 PM, Brian Potkin wrote:
>> Note that this Canon ImageCLASS MF743cdw implements AirPrint 1.4.
>>   > 
>> URF=ADOBERGB24,CP255,DM1,PQ4,RS300,SRGB24,W8-16,FN3,IS1-4,OB10-40,V1.4
>> But there isn't any _uscan._tcp output (No AirScan). Where does that 
>> leave us?
> BTW, Canon manual tells that AirPrint needs to be explicitly enabled:
> https://oip.manual.canon/USRMA-3547-zz-SSM-740-enUS/contents/devu-mobile-aap.html
> So it makes sense to review device's AirPrint setting before giving up.

I had to get into the printer's control panel.  It had IPP enabled for 
printing, but not for scanning.  Once I enabled that, then:

  sudo avahi-browse -rt _uscan._tcp
[sudo] password for chris:
+ enp6s0 IPv4 Canon MF741C/743C                             _uscan._tcp  
= enp6s0 IPv4 Canon MF741C/743C                             _uscan._tcp  
    hostname = [Canoncd62b0.local]
    address = []
    port = [80]
    txt = ["usb_MFG=Canon" "mopria-certified-scan=1.2" "duplex=T" 
"is=platen,adf" "UUID=6d4ff0ce-6b11-11d8-8020-f4a997cd62b0" 
"adminurl=http://Canoncd62b0.local:80/airprint.html" "rs=eSCL" 
"vers=2.63" "note=" "ty=Canon MF741C/743C" "txtvers=1"]

So, what does this tell me?  It supports AirScan now?

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