[sane-devel] imageClass bug

Ralph Little skelband at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 17:54:58 GMT 2020


On 2020-11-14 6:42 a.m., Alexander Pevzner wrote:
> Hi Ralph,
> On 11/14/20 10:03 AM, Ralph Little wrote:
>> Any ideas?
> Did I understand correct, that device scans perfectly well if the
> whole possible width is selected, but otherwise some combinations of
> left/right margins cause problems?
> What I would do (and actually do in my backend in a similar situation)
> is to request a full width and perform image clipping purely in software.
OMG, that's such a simple solution. Why did I not think of that!

I will add a model flag to the machine definition to activate the
behaviour for the problematic machines.
Thankfully, the way that I have changed the pixma geometry calculations
makes this very straighforward.

Many thanks,

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