[sane-devel] Canon Pixma G3110 tests results

Augusto Fraga Giachero afg at augustofg.net
Thu Nov 12 18:04:20 GMT 2020


I just like to report my experiences when testing sane with the Canon
Pixma G3110 multi-functional printer/scanner. When conecting via usb it
works perfectly after creating an udev rule allowing non root users
access it (VID:04a9 PID:183b).

After configuring it to access my wireless network (seems to be only
possible to do this with a Windows machine unfortunately) I tried
connecting via network though the pixma backend, but I couldn't make it
work. My computer is in a different subnet so I specified the scanner's
IP address:


I know that this isn't a network problem because I can print normally
via CUPS using the same IP.

I read the sane-pixma man page and it says that Canon is dropping
support for BJNP and MFNP protocols, I think this may be the case with
this scanner, running avahi-discover on a computer connected to the same
network returns:

ep2s0 IPv4
      myrouter ...
      Router Admin Webif
      Canon G3010 Series
      Canon G3010 Series
    UNIX Printer
      Canon G3010 Series
    PDL Printer
      Canon G3010 Series
      Canon G3010 Series
    Internet Printer
      Canon G3010 Series
    Secure Internet Printer
      Canon G3010 Series

No _scanner._tcp entry, so no luck here.

Finally I got it working via network using the airscan backend:

"Canon Pixma G3110" =, WSD

Hope this is useful to someone.


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