[sane-devel] Fwd: SANE project used for possible election fraud

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Wed Nov 18 12:02:56 GMT 2020

Hi Tyler,

Tyler Sharpe writes:

> [...]  I know it might be a conspiracy but the DR-X10C is the main
> ballot scanner used by dominion to count votes. Smartmatic uses it's
> own hardware from what I can see and they've said they've never
> provided technology to dominion which is being investigated.

For the record, the changes you pointed to were contributed to a SANE
"driver" for the Canon DR-X10C, a general purpose scanner.  The changes
were provided to the SANE Project, an open source project that makes its
"drivers" available to anyone under rather liberal conditions.

Whether this scanner is used in the Dominion ballot counting machines has
not been substantiated AFAIK.

> Yesterday there were 2 incidents where recounts were shown to have big
> errors and both counties using dominion and the DR-X10C.

The two incidents I am aware of were about untallied/uncounted ballots
(in Georgia).  That means the ballot counting machine hasn't processed
them.  Meaning, the SANE Project's "drivers" weren't involved in that.
FTR, my BBC newsfeed claims the incidents were due to human errors.

> I understand if it were fraudulent code it most likely wouldn't be in
> a public branch.

Please point out what part of our code you think is fraudulent and state
why.  There are now four _knowledgable_ people who have looked over the
code changes and didn't find anything fishy with it.

> I also understand you probably don't like me posting here

Only when you start making claims without facts to back them up ;-)

> [...] let SANE developers know if they have worked with smartmatic
> developers in the past and noticed anything suspicious [...]

Nothing whatsoever.

> source on clark county and floyd county recount errors:
> https://nypost.com/2020/11/16/trump-hails-victory-in-nevada-after-board-tosses-local-election-results/

# I believe the Floyd County of your "incidents" is in Georgia, not in
# Nevada.

Hope this helps,
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