[sane-devel] Problem with new Canon iSensys MF746Cx

Andrea Croci andrea.croci at gmx.de
Tue Sep 15 17:11:15 BST 2020

Hi Alexander,

I'm really immensely grateful for your wonderful job and what you are
doing for the Linux community. I wouldn't mind being of help. I have
built programs from source before and with your instructions I can do it
again. I can also trace programs, if you tell me exactly what you want
me to trace (the scanimage -L? A specific call to the backend? The saned
process?). My problem is in the moment the time. If you accept that I
contribute like once or twice a week, then consider me onĀ  board.

On 15.09.20 17:49, Alexander Pevzner wrote:
> Hi Andrea,
> On 9/15/20 6:35 PM, Andrea Croci wrote:
>> Thank you for your reply. Avahi sees the scanner at Port 80. On ubuntu
>> 20.04 I do have a newer version of SANE, with which the scanner works
>> with the escl backend. That's fine for now. The only problem is that the
>> options for the scanner are reduced to a very minimum (no brightness
>> control, for instance). On 18.04 (Desktop) I solved the problem by
>> installing the sane-airscan backend, which however has the same minimal
>> options as escl.
> I can try to add these missing options to sane-airscan, but because my
> device (Kyocera ECOSYS M2040dn) doesn't support it, I need a volunteer
> for testing.
> From this person I expect an ability to build sane-airscan from
> sources, gather and send me protocol traces (I can help in a case of
> any difficulties).
> If you are willing to help, we can start now. To begin, I need
> protocol traces from the current version.

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