[sane-devel] Maintainer for PIXMA Backend

Rolf Bensch rolf at bensch-online.de
Fri Sep 25 15:18:55 BST 2020

Hi List,

PIXMA backend keeps maintained. I can introduce Povilas as new PIXMA

Povilas is already known as maintainer for the genesys backend. And I
appreciate his XML read/writeback extension to the USB driver. He
replaces my part for everything around scanner implementation.

Louis' part remains everything around BJNP and networking.

I stay subscribed to this mailing list, but already stopped watching the
list. If someone may need me inside some threads in the future, please
add my email address as CC.

The next days I plan to go through my assigned open gitlab issues and
merge request to finalize some small things and to reassign all others
to Povilas. Here the same as for the mailing list, if someone may need
my help in the future please cc me with my gitlab username @ro-ben.

Many thanks for all of your amazing feedback I've received during the
the last few weeks. And many thanks for your ideas, fixes, merge
requests, testing and particularly to your patience for my long response

It was a pleasure working for the awesome SANE project.


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