[sane-devel] Using/testing Xsane 0.999 adf with brother MFC-J485DW

Paul Graff pj.world at gmx.com
Fri Apr 9 01:40:53 BST 2021

Hi, the adf feature seems to work perfectly with the brother MFC-J485DW.
I have tested this with 3 pages with print only on one side.

The issue's I am having arise with the Viewer output displayed after the
document scanning is complete. I have attached a screenshot and listed
them as follows.

1. The scan output is [very large/huge] at 100%. Each time open the
viewer I then zoom out to either 13% or 18%. Then I can preview the
scanned document in the viewer window without having to use the
scrollbar in the viewer window (so that I can get a complete view) more

2. The viewer window is maximized each time I restart xsane and perform
a scan operation regardless of what I have adjusted the viewer window to
during the previous xsane instance. So then I must unmaximize the viewer
window then use the mouse cursor to adjust the viewer window size and
placement. So when using the adf feature of xsane for say 3 documents
it's maybe a bit tedious to unmaximize each of the documents viewer
windows then adjust it's window size and placement on the desktop for
each scanned document.

*The question is **the following*: Are there settings that I can/could
be adjusting within xsane to retain a  specific zoom level and window
and/or window placement setting and size globally that will be retained
regardless of reboots of the pc and instances of xsane?

Obviously in the big scheme of things the xsane application is
performing excellent at this point with the brother MFC-J485DW.

I thank you for your suggestions and thoughts on this matter.

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