[sane-devel] Using/testing Xsane 0.999 adf with brother MFC-J485DW

Ralph Little skelband at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 02:17:24 BST 2021


On 2021-04-08 5:53 p.m., Paul Graff wrote:
> Hi, the adf feature seems to work perfectly with the brother
> MFC-J485DW. I have tested this with 3 pages with print only on one side.
> The issue's I am having arise with the Viewer output displayed after
> the document scanning is complete. I have listed them as follows.
> 1. The scan output is [very large/huge] at 100%. Each time open the
> viewer I then zoom out to either 13% or 18%. Then I can preview the
> scanned document in the viewer window without having to use the
> scrollbar in the viewer window (so that I can get a complete view)
> more instantaneously.
There are some changes in xsane that try to address this. It is
certainly something that can be improved. There is a release coming at
some point, probably not very soon though.
> 2. The viewer window is maximized each time I restart xsane and
> perform a scan operation regardless of what I have adjusted the viewer
> window to during the previous xsane instance. So then I must
> unmaximize the viewer window then use the mouse cursor to adjust the
> viewer window size and placement. So when using the adf feature of
> xsane for say 3 documents it's maybe a bit tedious to unmaximize each
> of the documents viewer windows then adjust it's window size and
> placement on the desktop for each scanned document.
I think that the current behaviour for the Viewer window is to size it
big enough to accommodate the image regardless of the prior setting.
The default Zoom is 100% so if the window is not big enough fully
maximized, then only a portion of the image will be seen.
This is a pain in the *ss to be sure and something that I will visit.

> *The question is **the following*: Are there settings that I can/could
> be adjusting within xsane to retain a  specific zoom level and window
> and/or window placement setting and size globally that will be
> retained regardless of reboots of the pc and instances of xsane?
> Obviously in the big scheme of things the xsane application is
> performing excellent at this point with the brother MFC-J485DW.
> I thank you for your suggestions and thoughts on this matter.
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