[sane-devel] Man pages

Ralph Little skelband at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 06:14:28 GMT 2021

As a result of looking at issue #433 submitted by downstream
translators, I have been going through applying most of their
They have pointed out some inconsistencies in formatting and style and
also a small number of grammar problems.

This has involved making updates and slight formatting changes to man
pages of backends that currently have maintainers.

I hope no-one takes offense at this liberty. Most of the manpages that
we have are affected by the translator's report so I am just going
through the complete set to try to bring some consistency to them.

They are currently in a merge request branch if anyone would like to
cast their eyes over them. I'm not sure if they will make the 1.0.32
release. That's probably just as well because a lot of the documentation
is touched and I would prefer for it to settle down before we present it
to the world at large.

Maintaining doc is generally considered an odious task, but I'm quite
enjoying it so far.


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