[sane-devel] Sharing a network scanner thru saned

Thierry Huchard thierry at ordissimo.com
Thu Jan 21 18:40:39 GMT 2021

Le 2021-01-21 19:37, Thierry Huchard a écrit :
> Le 2021-01-21 18:05, Thiago Milczarek Sayão a écrit :
>> I work at a company that has 530+ stores, each one with a Ricoh SP
>> 3710 device that works thru network.
>> There are more than 3000 machines total.
>> After installing the Ricoh Sane drivers, I can list the scanners:
>> device `sp_330_3710_series:SP_3710SF-IP-' is a RICOH SP
>> 3710SF ADF Scanner
>> device `escl:' is a ESCL RICOH SP 3710SF
>> (31317e) SSL flatbed scanner
>> device `escl:' is a ESCL RICOH SP 3710SF
>> (31317e) flatbed scanner
>> device `net:localhost:sp_330_3710_series:SP_3710SF-IP-'
>> is a RICOH SP 3710SF ADF Scanner
>> Note: The device does not work using escl.
> Can you give me the logs of the commands below?
> # scanimage --version
# SANE_ESCL_DEBUG=255 scanimage -d 'escl:' > 
test.pnm 2>log.txt
> Thank's
>> Since we have 530 stores, I would like to configure only 530 machines
>> (instead of 3000). So the idea is to install the Ricoh package on this
>> "central" machine and share with the others.
>> The scanner is available thru the network (not usb). I want to
>> configure saned to serve network scanners. Is it possible?
>> I have tried it and successfully installed saned, but it won't list
>> network scanners to the remote machine.
>> Thanks.

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