[sane-devel] newbie

Matt Zagrabelny mzagrabe at d.umn.edu
Mon Jan 25 14:24:30 GMT 2021

Greetings SANE folks,

I'm looking to get into scanning in the GNU/Linux world - I do not yet own
a scanner. I know the SANE compatibility matrix exists [0], but I am hoping
for some anecdotal recommendations.

What scanners are people using and how happy are you with your scanner and
your SANE front-end?

Also, I read a short blog post [1] about the author's scanner yielding
different results under Windows and GNU/Linux. The author claims that the
Windows driver can have better color accuracy. Does anyone have any
commentary about such notions?

Thanks for helping me get my feet wet.



[0] http://www.sane-project.org/sane-supported-devices.html
[1] https://www.digitaltidying.com/dont-use-linux-to-scan-photographs/
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