[sane-devel] test backend & SANE_INFO_INEXACT

jffry at posteo.net jffry at posteo.net
Thu Jun 10 15:08:48 BST 2021

Hi Ralph,

On 09.06.2021 21:33, Ralph Little wrote:
> I have added a new test option to the test backend called int-inexact.

Thanks for your work. That is certainly a good first step, but won't 
allow me to reproduce the user's problem.

Would it be possible to change the option to set SANE_INFO_* for all 
following options, just as read-return-value does?

That way it would apply to the geometry options and I could reproduce 
the bug in my frontend:

I wouldn't do anything visible for scanimage, but in gscan2pdf or 
simplescan, you could then:

     return-info-value=SANE_INFO_INEXACT (or any other SANE_INFO_*, or 

Then setting br-x, br-y, tl-x, tl-y, paper-width, paper-height would set 
the info value to whatever return-info-value was set to previously.

The only complication is that the SANE_INFO_* values are bitmasks, so 
that multiple values can be set simultaneously.



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