[sane-devel] Canon 4200F USB chip location

Ralph Little skelband at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 05:48:49 BST 2021


On 2021-10-17 7:25 p.m., LUH LAH wrote:
> Hello there!
> I recently acquired a Canon 4200F scanner and realized after extensive
> research that the USB chip couldn't be found. So, I opened up and
> de-soldered the mainboard RF shield/Heat Sink to find a bunch of
> chips.
> I've attached said images to this message.
> My question is, what chip is exactly for the USB port?
> Thank you very much!
The scanner is not currently supported by SANE.
We do have a prior report from someone documented here: 

However, I'm not aware of any active work on this machine.

The chip marked L6219DS appears to be a PWM motor controller:

The chip marked WM8196SCDS appears to be an ADC for the imager:

There is a DRAM memory package:

The other chip is probably a microcontroller of some sort, which may 
have an integrated USB port.

Unless you can identify the microcontroller, then analysis of captured 
USB sessions using the Windows driver is what you have left.

I didn't get the images that you say that you have attached. They may 
have been scrubbed in the submission process.
Perhaps you could reply to the list and myself with the attachment again?


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