[sane-devel] Chained Network Sane?

Guy B guy at guyblade.com
Tue Aug 2 20:46:37 BST 2022

I'm trying to determine if this setup can actually be made to function (and
Googling has given no obvious answer).

Server A - connected to scanner via USB, exposed via network
Server B - connected to A via the "net" interface, re-exposes scanner to
another net via "net" interface
Server C - connects to B via "net"

The reason that I'm trying to do this is because "A" in this use case is
actually a VM running an ancient version of Ubuntu because that's the only
place I can make the binary-only drivers work (and I don't want a 10+ year
old version of Ubuntu exposed to *any* network). "B" is then a real machine
that I want to use to expose it to the rest of the network.

While I've had no trouble plumbing things through to "B", I can't figure
out how (or if it is possible) to re-share the network scanner again.

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