[sane-devel] sane-airscan - openSUSE build service - invalid signature :

Simon Iremonger sane-devel at iremonger.me.uk
Mon Feb 7 20:59:12 GMT 2022

On 07/02/2022 19.46, -pj wrote:
> Hello, I am using Linux Mint 20.2 Uma 64-bit with Mate desktop on my 
> computer. Today I updated the machine in terminal as superuser by 
> passing the following command *apt-get update && apt-get upgrade *.
> 2. I am using the openSUSE build service to aquire a prebuilt binary 
> package of sane-airscan and have the following sources entry added in 
> Update Manager -> Software Sources -> deb 

You might be perfectly fine with the version of sane-airscan provided
in Mint 20.3 (Mint provide this in their repositories, even if not in
focal20.04 ubuntu base).

In short, I would try using Mint update manager and updating to
mint 20.3 ... you might then find you have acceptable version
of sane-airscan in package sources without opensuse build
repos ... depending what you want to achieve, Just a thought!.


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