[sane-devel] scanadf and Brother ADS-1700W

Dietmar Segbert trebges at web.de
Sun Feb 6 18:47:00 GMT 2022

Hello Ralph,
i have created deb-packages from testing for sane-utils und sane-airscan.

Now airscan-discover finds my Brother ADS-1700W.

I have not compiled scandf, rmadison sane --architecture amd64 lists the
same version for stable and testing.

I use the genesys backup for my canon lide 220.

scanadf produces segmentation faults with enabled and disabled genesys



> skelband at gmail.com schrieb am 06.02.22:

> Hi,

> On 2022-01-24 09:46, Dietmar Segbert wrote:
>> Hello Ralph,
>> scanimage -V
>> scanimage (sane-backends) 1.0.31-Debian
>> i use debian bullseye and the sane-utils ...
>> My scanner is a Brother ADS-1700W.
>> I have installed brscan5 from Brother
>> the scanner works with scanimage, example:
>> #!/bin/bash
>> scanimage -d 'brother5:net1;dev0' --resolution 300 --format png --
>> batch=$1%03d.png --batch-start=$2 --source 'Automatic Document Feeder=
>>                                             (left aligned,Duplex)'
>> scanadf will allways produce a segmentation fault.
>> Is there a newer version of scanadf, that  works with the ADS-1700W?
> There was an issue in scanadf that was fixed about a year ago:

> https://gitlab.com/sane-project/frontends/-/issues/19

> Also:

> https://gitlab.com/sane-project/frontends/-/issues/22

> You might be experiencing this issue.

> You could try to rebuild scanadf from latest source. If you need help
> with that, let me know.
> Alternatively it might be worth disabling the genesys backend first by
> commenting it out in /etc/sane.d/dll.conf if you are not using a
> genesys-based scanner, to see if you are experiencing that issue.

> Cheers,
> Ralph

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