[sane-devel] When to disable sane?

steve rinsler stevesr0 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 28 15:05:00 GMT 2022

Hi Ralph,
I found out two things:
1. Answer to WHEN to disable sane daemon should be disabled.When a scanner is connected via Ethernet to a router as a lan device, the computer doesn’t act as a server.  Thus, apparently NONE of the computers using that scanner should have saned enabled.   I don’t know whether a server is running on the scanner firmware or the router, or if no server is involved (each computer connects in a peer to peer relationship to the scanner).
2. Answer to HOW to disable the sane daemon (permanently).Recent versions of sane IGNORE the run settings in /etc/default/saned and /etc/init.d/saned.  Instead I was able to sane on the two computers it kept on launching using sudo “sysv-rc-conf saned off”.  This survived a reboot, so I assume it is a permanent fix.  **N.B. Disabling saned didn’t affect either of the two computers.  One still scans, the other still doesn’t.
My now my questions are (1) with the sane daemon disabled, what sane software is involved in scanning? and (2) (BIG QUESTION) - “How to I figure out what is wrong on the computer that doesn’t (yet) successfully scan? 
I plan to re-review all the relevant conf files, try to understand what ports init is (and should be) listening, try to make sense of the relevant debug options for sane software and to and await any ideas from you (and anyone else on the list about how to proceed.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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