[sane-devel] SANE Backends 1.1.1 released

Povilas Kanapickas povilas at radix.lt
Wed Jan 19 21:54:24 GMT 2022

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce sane-backends-1.1.1. You can find the latest 
source tarballs here:


The page also mentions several "Source code" links in the Assets from
which you can download the git repository corresponding to the release.
Please note that these archives do not include generated files such as
the configure script, Makefile.in files and more.

A nicely formatted version of the release notes is available there too.

One change that is more interesting to package maintainers is that with 
this release the version numbering scheme has been changed and thus 
every new feature release will increment the second version number (i.e. 
1.2.0, 1.3.0, etc.) and the third number (i.e. 1.1.2, 1.1.3, etc.) will 
be left for bugfix releases. Previously feature releases used the third 
version number (i.e. 1.0.30, 1.0.31, etc.) and real bugfix releases were 
not possible. With this possibility present more frequent bugfix 
releases can be expected.

There has been no 1.1.0 release. It was unpublished due to version 
numbering bug in tests that only showed itself after the release was made.

In case you encounter any issues with this release, please contact the
sane-devel mailing list or submit an issue:

sane-devel at alioth-lists.debian.net


The following is the release notes in the "raw" markdown format. A 
nicely formatted version is available on the GitLab releases page 
mentioned above.

### Backends

- `epson2`: Fixed support for many scanners that don't support focus 
- `epson2`: Improve reliability of long scans.
- `epsonds`: Implemented support for the following Epson scanners:
    - DS-1610
    - DS-1630
    - DS-1660W
    - DS-310
    - DS-320
    - DS-360W
    - DS-410
    - DS-530
    - DS-530II
    - DS-531
    - DS-535
    - DS-535H
    - DS-535II
    - DS-570W
    - DS-570WII
    - DS-571W
    - DS-575W
    - DS-575WII
    - DS-70
    - DS-80W
    - ES-200
    - ES-300W
    - ES-300WR
    - ES-400
    - ES-400II
    - ES-50
    - ES-500W
    - ES-500WII
    - ES-500WR
    - ES-55R
    - ES-580W
    - ES-60W
    - ES-60WB
    - ES-60WW
    - ES-65WR
    - ET-2700 Series
    - ET-2710 Series
    - ET-2810 Series
    - ET-M2140 Series
    - ET-M3140 Series
    - EW-052A Series
    - FF-680W
    - L3150 Series
    - L3200 Series
    - L3210 Series
    - L3250 Series
    - L4150 Series
    - M2140 Series
    - M3140 Series
    - RR-60
    - RR-600W
    - RR-70W
    - XP-2100 Series
    - XP-2150 Series
- `epson2`: Marked XP-452 455 series as supported in documentation.
- `escl`: Fixed scanning problems on certain scanners due to incorrect 
URL being used (https://gitlab.com/sane-project/backends/-/issues/479)
- `escl`: Fixed support for different resolutions when using JPEG format.
- `escl`: Fixed handling of ipp-usb redirects to localhost which 
previously caused certain scanners to be always reported as busy.
- `escl`: Added support for Brother DCP-J772DW and Epson ET-2750 scanners.
- `escl`: Marked the following scanners as supported in documentation:
    - Canon PIXMA G4511
    - Canon PIXMA TR4550 Series
    - Canon PIXMA TR4551 Series
    - Epson ET-6100
- `escl`: Implemented support for disabling PDF output on scanners where 
it's broken
- `escl`: Implemented support for Canon PIXME TR4520 and TR7500 scanners.
- `genesys`: Improved scan quality on Canon LiDE 35/40/50/60 by using 
brighter LED illumination.
- `genesys`: Fixed control of contrast and brigthness on certain scanners
- `genesys`: Fixed crashes when handling slightly unexpected conditions
- `genesys`: Fixed support for Plustek Opticfilm 7200 v2 scanner.
- `genesys`: Fixed button support on HP ScanJet G4010.
- `genesys`: Fixed compilation on gcc-4.8.
- `genesys`: Fixed incorrect LED exposure calculation leading to wrong 
color balance on certain resolutions on gl841 scanners
- `genesys`: Improved gray scan quality on Canon LiDE 110, 120, 210, 220
- `genesys`: Fixed issue of motor becoming stuck at certain resolutions 
on Canon LiDE 50
   and possibly other gl841 scanners 
- `genesys`: Fixed periodic black lines in gray scans on Canon LiDE 80.
- `genesys`: Removed support for broken 75 and 100 dpi hardware 
resolutions to fix preview scans 
(https://gitlab.com/sane-project/backends/-/issues/383). These 
resolutions did not have any benefit compared to next smallest 150 dpi 
- `genesys`: Add support for running in embedded environments that don't 
support threads.
- `genesys`: Fixed gray scans to use white color for illumination 
instead of red on
   Canon LiDE 35/40/50/60 and potentially other gl841 scanners. Old 
behavior can be restored via the color filter setting to select specific 
color component for the gray scan.
- `genesys`: The genesys backend is now distributed under GPL v2 or 
later license. Previously there existed an exception that allowed 
additional uses of the backend.
- `gt68xx`: Fixed several memory issues that can potentially lead to 
crashes or increased memory use.
- `hp4200`: Fixed crash when using HP ScanJet 4200C
- `microtek`: Fixed support for embedded platforms using `uclibc`.
- `pieusb`: Implemented support for Reflecta RPS 10M scanner.
- `pieusb`: Fixed support for automatically advancing slides on DigitDia 
- `pixma`: Fixed compliation with `NDEBUG` macro defined.
- `pixma`: Marked Canon PIXMA G4511 as supported in documentation
- `scangearmp2`: Mark GX6000, GX7000, TS5400 and MX455 series as supported.
- `sm3600-scanutil`: Fixed support for embedded platforms using `uclibc`.

### Frontends

- Improved documentation of `scanimage` concerning options provided by 
- `scanimage`: Improved help to specify which options are advanced.
- `scanimage`: Implemented support for PDF output format.

### Miscellaneous

- Added translation to Simplified Chinese.

Povilas Kanapickas

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