[sane-devel] need help to understand which of THESE scanner/printers is supported

M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Sat Oct 15 18:38:42 BST 2022


(my apologies for the partially off topic request of help, but this
is really messing up a deadline of mine...)

For work reasons, I badly need to replace as soon as possible the
Epson XP-4100 printer that one hour ago died under my desk (something
snapped inside), with another all-in-one device that is

- 100% supported under Linux, **especially** the scanner, because on
  avg I print ~ 15/20 pages/month, mostly B/W, but for THIS and future
  projects I need to scan hundreds of photographs with the highest
  possible resolution, that's why I'm posting here

- about as big as the one that broke (Epson XP-4100) because otherwise
  it would not physically in the shelf below my desk

- as reliable as possible, but budget is < 150 EUR, 100 would be great

Since I need this asap AND I happen to have a gift card for the
Mediaworld stores here in Italy, the ideal solution would be one of
the models in their shop. However AFAICT several of them are not
listed at all in the "supported devices" page on the SANE website.

Hence the question for you experts: could any of you please give a quick
look at the models available in Mediaworld stores:


and tell me which of those models WOULD be supported without problems
by SANE in Ubuntu 22.04??? The page is in italian, but all you need to
look at is the model names...

TIA for any help, I really hope I can solve this quickly. In other
moments, I could even enjoy testing, hacking drivers etc.. but this
time I just cannot afford it.


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