[sane-devel] Problems Microtek XT 3500 & Microtek XT 3500 scanner

Phantom phantom0 at arcor.de
Thu Jun 22 12:05:00 BST 2023

Dear Sear and Madam,

is there anyone who can help me with two Scanner problems (both
connected by USB).
I am using following system:
System: Linux MX-21-3, Xfce 4.14.1, Debian 11.7

The first scanner is a
Microtek XT 3500:
lsusb delivers: "Bus 001 Device 004: ID 05da:6072 Microtek
International, Inc. XT-3500 A4 HD Scanner".
The manufacture delivers only drivers for Windows and MAC OS, but not
for Linux.

The second Scanner Epson Expression 1600 is recognized by "simple-scan"
or with "gscan2pdf" and when start the scan with 1.200dpi, the scanner
stuck's after maybe 10 scanning length. With 600dpi the system seems to

Following error message appears with the Epson Scanner:
"Exception 445: cache resources exhausted `/tmp/gscan2pdf-
vafL/6yH5vm9SN4.pnm' @ error/cache.c/OpenPixelCache/4095 at
/usr/share/perl5/Gscan2pdf/Document.pm line 5156 thread 1."

Is there anyone who have an idea?

Kind regards
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