[sane-devel] Problems Microtek XT 3500 & Microtek XT 3500 scanner /small correction

Phantom phantom0 at arcor.de
Thu Jun 22 13:18:44 BST 2023

Dear Sear and Madam,

is there anyone who can help me with two Scanner problems (both
connected by USB).
I am using following system:
System: Linux MX-21-3, Xfce 4.14.1, Debian 11.7

The first scanner is a
Microtek XT 3500:
lsusb delivers: "Bus 001 Device 004: ID 05da:6072 Microtek
International, Inc. XT-3500 A4 HD Scanner".
The manufacture delivers only drivers for Windows and MAC OS, but not
for Linux.

The second Scanner Epson Expression 1600 is recognized by "simple-scan"
or with "gscan2pdf" and when start the scan with 1.200dpi, the scanner
stuck's after maybe 10 cm (= 3.94 inch) scanning length. With 600dpi
the system seems to work.

Following error message appears with the Epson Scanner:
"Exception 445: cache resources exhausted `/tmp/gscan2pdf-
vafL/6yH5vm9SN4.pnm' @ error/cache.c/OpenPixelCache/4095 at
/usr/share/perl5/Gscan2pdf/Document.pm line 5156 thread 1."

Is there anyone who have an idea?

Kind regards

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