[sane-devel] Digital Signing in SANE?

Wes Rishel wrishel at gmail.com
Thu May 18 21:41:44 BST 2023

Has anyone put code in to create a digital signature to accompany an image?

I guess the obvious alternative would be to pipe the output to a program
that does signatures, but it might be nice to avoid that.

There are clearly issues about whether the signature is embedded in the
image file or a separate file, and what level of hashing and encryption to
use. If there were already something in SANE that did the function I could
just persuade people to use that rather than having a long debate on the

FWIW, my application is a Fujitsu fi-5900c scanner using its option to
compress the image into a jpeg within the scanner. (This reduces the time
squeezing these large images through the USB 2.0 interface). This means
that the hash of the file would be computed on the jpeg rather than an
uncompressed image format).

-- Wes
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