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Václav Ovsík vaclav.ovsik at i.cz
Fri Dec 7 11:37:44 UTC 2007


On Mon, Nov 19, 2007 at 05:01:58PM +0100, Erich Schubert wrote:
> Hi,
> > > You might also want to browse the changes I did to my policy.
> > > They're all in SVN at
> > > http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/selinux/refpolicy/branches/debian/
> > 
> > I checked out this branch and am going to look in it.
> > 
> > > If you want, I can give you write access to that repository.
> > > All you need is an alioth account and join the SELinux project there.
> > 
> > BTW: I'm not DD.
> You don't need to. Everybody can get an account on alioth.
> In fact, this is a popular way for non-DDs to contribute: they help
> preparing the packages in version control on alioth, and some of the
> real debian developers then handles the actual upload.
> In this case, this repository is just for experimentation, it's not used
> for building the policy packages. Manoj has his own repository for that.

Sorry for late reply.  I registered myself on alioth as zito-guest.  I'm
not certain on how to use alioth.  My idea was to public a repository
with packages for Debian Etch (more recent versions of packages than
those in Etch).  My company stuck on some security decision to pass http
access on server with such repository (reprepro managed debian archive).
Maybe I can use git repository on alioth for package sources.

I have following done:

checkpolicy		2.0.4-0.icz.1 
libselinux		2.0.35-0.icz.2 
libsemanage		2.0.9-0.icz.1 
libsepol		2.0.11-0.icz.1 
policycoreutils		2.0.27-0.icz.1 
refpolicy		0.0.20070928-0.icz.3 
setools			3.3.2-0.icz.2 
ustr			1.0.2-1.icz.1 

All packages are Manoj Srivastavas packages from Sid upgraded with
more recent upstream
that is 20070928 release.

Ustr is exception, this package I created from scratch using CDBS and
sponsor is needed ;)
Hmm, priority needs to be changed from optional to standard, because
libsemanage depends on it.  I will update this.

I'm playing with HEAD of refpolicy from
My vision is to package refpolicy later, so basic system will be
functional with it. There are many issues currently.
Propagating changes to upstream seems to me efficient now.

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