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Erich Schubert erich at debian.org
Sun Dec 23 15:05:18 UTC 2007

Hi Zito,
> Sorry for late reply.  I registered myself on alioth as zito-guest.  I'm

I added you to the SELinux project some weeks ago.

> not certain on how to use alioth.  My idea was to public a repository
> with packages for Debian Etch (more recent versions of packages than
> those in Etch).  My company stuck on some security decision to pass http
> access on server with such repository (reprepro managed debian archive).
> Maybe I can use git repository on alioth for package sources.

We already have a SVN repository, which can be browsed via
(just scroll down to 'selinux')
We could probably request a GIT repository as well. I remember having
seen some announcement on the availability of various VCS for alioth.

I don't know what is required for write access; you might need to be
able to log in via SSH to get write access. This probably also applies
to GIT, I don't think the web server has write access to the data.

I currently don't have time to work on SELinux, so feel free to use any
VCS that is easily available to you. You might also want to talk to
Manoj, IIRC he was using GIT or Bazaar or Arch for maintaining his
official packages of the SELinux stuff. He might be interested in
updating the packages with your help.

best regards,
Erich Schubert
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