[DSE-Dev] mcstrans, dbus, and systemd

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Sat Dec 31 02:08:30 UTC 2016

I can't solve #849748 in any reasonable amount of time and I don't expect that 
we will find other people with suitable skills to contribute to solving it.  A 
large part of the problem for us is that this is an upstream issue and Fedora 
(which is strongly tied to systemd upstream) is running the devel version of 
dbus which means there might never be an upstream solution that applies to the 
versions of software included in the next stable release.

I have filed bug #849787 requesting that mcstrans be removed from testing and 
not present in the next stable release of Debian.  I believe that this is the 
only way that I can get systemd-logind to work correctly.  For people who use 
systemd (IE most Debian users) I am unable to determine a way of making logins 
work correctly in the presence of mcstrans.

Laurent, I am prepared to be convinced that mcstrans should stay in Debian but 
with selinux-policy-default conflicting with it (which means that no-one will 
have it installed and running) to save you the effort of removing it from 
policycoreutils and then adding it back again after the release.

The problems here were only apparent when every other policy issue related to 
systemd (IE all the serious policy development issues) were resolved.  This is 
why it came up at such a late stage.

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