[Soc-coordination] Preparing a press release

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at andesi.org
Sun Aug 6 13:04:53 UTC 2006

>>>>> "Baruch" == Baruch Even <baruch at ev-en.org> writes:

    Baruch> Hi, We  would like to start preparing  a press release about
    Baruch>  Debian participation in  Google Summer  of Code.  Could the
    Baruch> mentors and students please provide status updates?

Hi Baruch,

I'm working  on Wotomae (aka DWTT  [0]) for the Debian  project.  At the
moment, almost major features of the project works as listed on the wiki
page. Thanks to Don Armstrong and Raphael Hertzog for the SOAP interface
to the  BTS (used for fetching  the bugs information  and the usertags),
when a tracker is created using  the BTS mode, all the bug associated to
the usertag are fetched automatically.

The following features doesn't work yet:

- Mass bug filling
  => i will finish that tonight or tomorrow

- Stats
- Visual preferences

Except  for   stats,  all  other   features  will  work  fine   for  the
deadline. After sending  this mail, i will send a  mail to debian-qa and
Amaya for reports about the usability of the interface. At the moment, a
demo  is  available  at [1].  You  can  do  whatever  you want  on  this
interface, a tracker for the transition python24 is already available as
an example ;).   Feel free to send any comments  about the interface, it
will help me to improve it.

When  the SoC  will be  over, buxy  and  me will  setup the  tool on  an
official debian  server. I will  continue to maintain the  project after
the SoC and i will also work on CRMI.

Arnaud Fontaine

[0] http://wiki.debian.org/DWTT
[1] http://samy.mini-dweeb.org:8080

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