[Soc-coordination] amancay progress resport

Diego Escalante Urrelo diegoe at gnome.org
Sun Jun 7 22:59:22 UTC 2009

Hello everyone,

sorry I didn't send this yersterday, I was gonna send it during the
afternoon/night but Lima went into a short blackout.

During this two weeks I decided to read and look for small fixes or
updates in it. I used PEP 8 as a guide for this task, while some errors
were found some other modifications were just related to format or
clearness. Code is in good shape and there's room for improvement but
I'll focus in adding new bug modification features in the following

Also, Arthur has suggested asking for Debian hardware to start a demo
instance soonish. Marga agreed to ask for such thing.

A small copy of my git shortlog:
        c387502 Reindent to tabs
        414432b templates: fix form action paths
        67bd632 templates: reformat templates for readability
        fc6d5aa toolbox: PEP 8, docstrings, style fixes, if fixes
        e10862c toolbox: PEP 8, reindent
        ffc207c search: docstrings
        76cf4f6 templatetags: PEP 8, reindent, docstring
        1d0b341 views: PEP 8, reindentation, other fixes
        843bf8d urls: PEP 8, indentation
        84026e1 search: PEP 8, more fixes
        eb55a8c search: consistent ' usage
        8894bb1 search: PEP 8, indentation
        cce3dff registration: PEP 8, indentation
        864e7ef models: PEP 8, indentation
        5abd20c bugs: PEP 8, and other minor fixes
        64b3c00 bugs: fix documentation, minor nitpicks
        41689ad bugs: PEP 8, reindent to 4 spaces
        5b73116 bts_queries: no need for sets, '+' concatenates
        41c1cac bts_queries: PEP 8, style nitpicks
        15e3ab2 bts_queries: reindent and pythonify process_results
        04dfffa bts_queries: bugs: spaces nitpicks
        02982c7 bts_queries: document bts_queries class
Good luck with your projects!

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