[Soc-coordination] Slot Situation

olafBuddenhagen at gmx.net olafBuddenhagen at gmx.net
Sun Apr 18 05:42:59 UTC 2010


I wonder, how does the situation look at the Debian organisation
regarding number of available slots? Is there any shortage?

The reason I'm asking is that at the GNU organisation, the slot
situation looks well; and at least for the Hurd sub-organisation, we are
not yet entirely sure whether we want to take up all the candidates for
which we have slots available. On the other hand, there is a partially
Hurd-related project in the Debian organisation (porting D-I) -- so if
it turns out we have a surplus slot, instead of giving it back to the
general pool, it would make sense to donate it over to Debian. (Or
alternatively, we could perhaps ask the Google folks to reassign the
Hurd D-I candidate to the GNU organisation...)

So, is there any need for that? Or does Debian also have enough slots
for all the promising candidates?


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