[Soc-coordination] procedure for projects

Sukhbir Singh sukhbir.in at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 17:49:50 UTC 2012

Hi Olivier,

> I am discussing/reviewing the students proposal regarding my project but
> when/how should I select 1 student? Deadline is 20th of Aprill but what
> should I do to put a student as selected ?

To mark a student (and therefore the proposal) as accepted, toggle the
'Accept proposal' switch to 'Yes'. This actually doesn't accept a
student, it just marks the proposal as a candidate for acceptance; the
final acceptance depends on whether the above 'accepted proposal' gets
the slot or not.

You can select the student at anytime between now and April 19th.

> At least, there are many projects, but what how many slots did Google
> allocated to Debian ?

The number of slots we get will be announced on April 11th.

> And how will we manage projects selection if number of
> slots is lower than Google allocated ones?

In case that happens, we will do either of the following:

    * request Google for additional slots in case another org gives
them away (unlikely),
    * Ana, Gergely and I will decide which projects will get the slots.


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