[Soc-coordination] Information for Mentors: Student Selection

Sukhbir Singh sukhbir.in at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 21:05:10 UTC 2012

Hi mentors,

To help you get started with the application review period, here is a
short guide that covers some important points about student selection.

* Student Selection

To mark a student (and therefore the proposal) as accepted, toggle the
'Accept proposal' switch (on the student application page) to 'Yes'.
This doesn't actually accept a student, it just marks the proposal as
a candidate for acceptance; the final acceptance depends on whether
the above accepted proposal gets the slot or not. You can select a
student at anytime between now and April 16th.

Please don't mark proposals as 'Ignore' -- you just have to mark the
proposal you want to choose as 'Accepted' and ignore the other ones.
Accepting a proposal does not notify the students, and as a mentor,
you are requested not to tell them before April 23rd as to whether
they have been accepted or rejected. Also, at Debian, we don't use the
scoring system, so scoring applications has no bearing on their
acceptance/ rejection.

In case you don't have any good proposals for your project, there is
no compulsion to accept a student.

* Slots

Here is how the slot allocation process works:

    - we request slots from Google based on how many projects (and
available mentors for those projects) we have.
    - Google allocates us slots -- if we have less slots and more
projects, then the GSoC admins will decide which projects get the

Carol's email to 'Google Summer of Code Mentors List' (subject: "Slot
Allocations, Student Proposals, and Deduplication - Long But
Important") covers the slot allocation system in detail, so please go
through it if you want the finer details.

In case you have any more doubts, please clear them now only so that
we don't make any mistakes about this process!

IRC channel for mentors (private, ask for key): #debian-soc-mentors

The GSoC admins in Debian,
Ana Guerrero, Gergely Nagy and Sukhbir Singh

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