[Soc-coordination] GOSC project proposal

Olivier Sallou olivier.sallou at irisa.fr
Wed Mar 21 17:01:35 UTC 2012

I'd like to submit a project as mentor for GSOC 2012 (if not too late).

Here follows my project proposal (wiki format). Would it fit according
to you for Debian/GSOC ?
Furthermore I have an issue with the planning. Beginning of July there
is a status to provide, though this is exactly the week where I won"t
available..... so I would need a co-mentor for this project, if
accepted, at least to give the project status to Google at this date...



= Virtual Image creation web interface =

 * '''Description of the project:'''

The project goal is to provide an equivalent of Suse Studio for Debian,
e.g. the possibility to create custom virtual images for the cloud.

The student will develop a web interface than could be used by non
programmers to create custom images with desired packages and custom
scripts launched at (first) boot. User will also be able to add his own
data. The goal is to help people create their own Debian images for
virtualization. Student would use grml-deboostrap for background
generation and a python framework (Django or Pyramid) for the web interface.

The package selection will be interactive, searching through apt api to
help user finding them.
This method will provide clean images for use in a cloud on a
virtualization host (ssh host key unique per image, user password choice).

 * '''Confirmed Mentor''': Olivier Sallou osallou at debian.org
 * '''How to contact the mentor:''' mail
 * '''Confirmed co-mentors:''' tbd
 * '''Deliverables of the project''':
    * A web interface with interactive package selection generating an
image descriptor on server
    * A background script to generate the virtual image from a descriptor
    * User file upload management for image inclusion
 * '''Desirable skills''':
    * python
    * django or pyramid
    * JavaScript (jquery or equivalent)
    * scripting (bash,...).
 * '''What the student will learn:''' The student will learn Debian
python APIs, chroot and deboostrap usage. He will also learn web
development and how to generate custom virtual images.


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