[Soc-coordination] GSoC project idea: Update Manager redesign

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 05:01:23 UTC 2012

There is a specification over on Ubuntu's wiki, describing an improved
user interface for Update Manager — an important part of Debian's
GNOME desktop:

The design moves towards an application-centric view of software
updates, grouping related packages to address the unsettling
experience end users can have when they are first greeted by 30+
strangely named updates. I think this is especially important as
Debian, and Debian derivatives, are supporting application-centric
software installers such as Software Center.

The specification is a living document, so it is open for reasonable
changes. For example, I think it could be important for many Debian
users that we find _some way_ of maintaining existing features such as
package changelogs, and finding a solid way to approach that might be
an interesting part of the project as well.

In short, I think this specification looks really good. However,
nobody has really picked up the task of _implementing_ it! I think
that would make a really good GSoC project that spreads a lot of love
to a lot of places. I'm thinking about doing just that, this summer,
with Debian!

So, I'm going to test the waters. I'm interested in any thoughts and
advice you might have :)

Dylan McCall

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