[Soc-coordination] Status Report of ZFS on Linux Integration, Week 2

Aron Xu happyaron.xu at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 04:19:06 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

This is the third report of ZFS on Linux Integration GSoC project.
What I have done this week:
 * Uploaded spl-linux package to experimental. It is currently sitting
in NEW[1], waiting for ftp-master's review.
 * Updated various aspects in zfs-linux[2] package:
   1. Update debconf templates reviewed by debian-l10n-english, send
call for translations[3].
   2. Remove .la files introduced in original packaging.
   3. Correct libzfs-dev install paths.
   4. Fix up initscript LSBs, remove reference to /etc/init/vars.sh.
   5. More detailed fix ups.

I have verified spl-linux to build and load correctly on 3.2 (stable),
3.8 (legacy unstable), and 3.9 (current unstable). 3.10 isn't tested
because linux-kbuild-3.10 isn't present yet, and I haven't find a time
to cook out my own. As for zfs-linux, it's verified to build and load
correctly on the kernels that spl-linux is tested to work. Also I've
verified that debconf can detect 32-bit running kernel and quit on
prompt, and zfsutils can function for basic zpool/zfs operations.
Currently we haven't get auto mount working reliably on all known
cases, but it's okay for evaluation use.

I haven't contacted dkms upstream as said in my last report, I'll do
that very soon. Next week I'll try to dig into auto mounting, and
maybe initramfs support. Review of udeb support is ongoing this


Aron Xu

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