[Soc-coordination] Status Report of MIPS N32/N64 Port, Week 2

Eleanor Chen chenyueg at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 04:41:18 UTC 2013


In this week, I've completed stage 2 of my bootstrapping process. And
I have reported following bugs with patches:

1. #715038: add mips64(el) mipsn32(el) support to eglibc
2. #715057: Include Makeconfig into locale/Makefile
3. #715059: Fix hardcode libdir when bootstrapping

The first one is the patch for bootstrapping eglibc, with multilib
support available. There is some problems in this patch and multilib
bootstrapping does not work. I have to create a set of "fake" multilib
eglibc packages to make the bootstrapping process forward, while the
patch works fine after that, meaning it can be used to build a correct
normal version of eglibc.

The second one is to include Makeconfig from top level directory to
locale/Makefile. locale/Makefile is the only Makefile in
sub-directories that do not include Makeconfig. This causes some
trouble to me as sometimes it makes the build system attempts to
install files to system path, not $DEST.

The last one is fixing a hardcode libdir, it only occurs in
bootstrapping and the original code assumes the $libdir is "lib", but
when multilib is enabled during bootstrap it may be names like
"lib64", "libn32", or "lib/<tripplet>".

Next week I'll finish my cross toolchain, and try to cross compile
some packages to see what is needed for building a set of native

Thank you.

Best Regards,

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