[Soc-coordination] Weekly Status Report 4 - scan-build the archive

Léo Cavaillé leo+debian at cavaille.net
Sat Jul 13 13:31:28 UTC 2013


My DKIM milter crashed... Don't know why yet.
Hopefully, a good lurker told me he did not receive my report !
There it is !

Wow ! Already at week 4 !

This week I did some Perl hacking :)
1/ finished the sbuild patch, adding a --use-schroot-session option
This weekend I will spend an hour formatting the patch to send it to the
sbuild maintainer.

2/ Finished to write a new "clanganalyzer" plugin, I am still testing it
right now before committing it into debuild.me next week.

3/ Begun to use loofah to launch massive rebuilds, I would like to be
able to see 100 packages rebuilt with their firehose report (from
scan-build) as a proof of concept next Monday or Tuesday.

4/ Tested fred, the only tiny part of debuild.me I had not worked with yet.

5/ I have written some other modifications on the debuild.me worker
(ethel) and the web UI. I worked with them locally but there are still
issues (e.g. with multiarch) and now I need a chat with Paul before
integrating them.

Next week :
* Finish the 100+ packages rebuild with the reports
* Commit all the modifications on debuild.me
* Work on packaging debuild.me
* Ship the patch for sbuild, try to put it on sid with the help of Roger
* Write a page on Debian's wiki to explain the different hacks possible
to build packages with scan-build
* Think about debuild.me deployment and which modifications are
therefore necessary in the packaging/release.

See you next week


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