[Soc-coordination] Weekly Report 3 The OpenJDK and Debian 6.29-7.5 by ShuxiongYe

Shuxiong Ye yeshuxiong at gmail.com
Sun Jul 14 18:43:27 UTC 2013


Sorry for being late for the report.

I spent two days with my friends, so I worked this weekend to cover the

Summary for this week:

I get the result of the rebuild using openjdk-7, and successfully get the
package list which failed to be built. The list goes a little big, which is
987. I go though quickly the list, and find there are a few reasons causing
built failure:
1 ) GCC_ERROR. In this case, the failure is caused by gcc compiler. I will
ignore these packages.
2 ) Build-dependency is not available. I try to build some packages in this
type, and find the required dependency is available, so it may be caused by
network latency or some other reason? I will check these packages later.
3) java7 not compatible. I will mainly focus on these packages.

Plan for next week:
Go though the list and fix the failed packages.


Shuxiong Ye

School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University
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