[Soc-coordination] Weekly report 6 - Debian android app

Pavlos onexemailx at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 20:25:16 UTC 2013


This week i added code to seamlessly cache each network request from the
api. It can be set to cache info for a certain amount of time, to always
retrieve the cached info (in case there is no connectivity at all) or to
deactivate it completely if you always want 'fresh' info. I didn't have
time to add any udd methods because I lost two days for a short trip close
by but i will make up for it this week.

This week i'll add the udd methods and start adding some widgets to the ui.
Mainly i want to add the subscription functionality to pts/bts searches so
that the app remembers favourite pckgs/bugs and so that i can build
notifications and auto-updates of info based on that in the upcoming weeks.

Kind regards,
Pawel Sarbinowski
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