[Soc-coordination] Weekly Status Report 6 - scan-build the archive

Léo Cavaillé leo+debian at cavaille.net
Fri Jul 26 23:12:15 UTC 2013


To begin, let's see what I have done this week :
* Fail to make the sbuild patch go further (in the archive) :(
I did try to reach Roger the sbuild maintainer by IRC and mail, we'll
see next week where it goes.
* Fixed many things in debuildme
* This last point is what took me almost all my time this week : I
dropped mongodb that we were using as a backend for debuild.me storage,
instead I used a layer of SQLAlchemy (with postgresql).
This has been a huge task, nearly finished now and pushed on my
debuildme repositories, I am waiting for Paul to answer some of my
questions and the last modifications needed to merge into the official

I think that this architecture change was worth it, and will make the
code much more maintainable and easy to understand.
As I had never used SQLAlchemy before, it took me some time to figure
out all this stuff, reading docs and testing (still have some headaches
about the polymorphic entities..).

* I implemented also a SQLAlchemy layer for fred, and I wrapped
everything nicely into a daemon. When launched it waits for a fedmsg
(thank you Simon) indicating a new changes arrived for a package and
then it uploads it to debuild.me. There it is tested with many tools

See my merges on masters on Github [1]

For next week, here is what I plan to do !

Let's begin by the tasks I reported from last week because of time
"reassigning" to SQLAlchemy this week.

1/ Follow up with Roger Leigh on my sbuild patch
4/ Write more documentation (wiki pages or manpage) on my scan-build
hacks with sbuild
5/ Run a new batch of jobs in debuild.me, see with Matthieu how he wants
to import the reports
6/ Finish bugfixing on llvm-toolchain

And new tasks :
* Write mid-term report
* Finish the debuildme modifications with SQL Alchemy, merge everything
and deploy !
* Figure out what to do with the reporting interface of debuildme

See you next week !

[1] https://github.com/LeoCavaille

Léo Cavaillé

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