[Soc-coordination] GSoC 2015 Week 10 Report: Android Tools in Debian

殷啟聰 seamlikok at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 04:21:51 UTC 2015

This week I finished the following packages:

* android-platform-system
  - android-libbacktrace(-dev): It was later found to be a dependency
of android-libutils
* android-platform-frameworks-base
  - aapt
  - aidl
  - libandroidfw
* android-platform-frameworks-native
  - android-frameworks-native-dev: Common headers found in
  - Remove libutils since it has been transferred to platform/system/core

I submitted patches to f2fs-tools (https://bugs.debian.org/793863) and
zopfli (https://bugs.debian.org/794232) so that the packages will
produce libraries used by Android SDK. However none of the maintainers
have replied to me so far. If it is necessary I will request for an

A few week ago I mentioned e2fsprogs should also be patched like
f2fs-tools and zopfli, but later I found that the existing libuuid1 is
sufficient for Android SDK so I can skip it.

In the next week I will start packaging
android-platform-external-libunwind, which is an AOSP fork of
libunwind required by android-libbacktrace of android-platform-system.

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