[Soc-coordination] Debsources as a platform weekly report #5

Orestis Ioannou orestis at oioannou.com
Sun Jun 28 14:14:39 UTC 2015


This is my #5 weekly report on my Summer of Code project 'Debsources as
a platform'
You can view commits on alioth [1] or pull requests on github [2].
Kanban board with my per week tasks is available on trello [3].

Previous report:


This week I merged the work for the batch api (many files at once),
created the DB schema that is going to be used for the copyright
Blueprint, and then the plugin that will retrieve licenses on update
time to store them in the DB.

API batch

This work [4] was merged during the week. The user is now able to send
an HTTP POST request with a form-encoded list of checksums and receive
their licenses by parsing the corresponding d/copyright files.

DB schema

In order to avoid parsing the d/copyright files each time the user
demands a license we added a new table in the DB that will store the
license synopsis.
Thus we will query the DB to get the license of the corresponding file.

License plugin

This plugin parses the d/copyright files at update time and stores in
the DB the license that corresponds to each file in the package.

Both the work for the DB schema and the license plugin is included in an
under review PR. [5]

Next week

After merging the DB work the goal is to use the information we store in
the DB to retrieve the license of each file. Modifications are needed in
the API and the views. Next goal is to calculate and plot some
statistics about licenses and finally work on some templates and online
documentation of the recently merged work.

Thanks for reading,


[1] https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/qa/debsources.git
[2] https://github.com/Debian/debsources/pulls
[3] https://trello.com/b/LG8eUfPS/debsources
[4] https://github.com/Debian/debsources/pull/18
[5] https://github.com/Debian/debsources/pull/22

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