[Surfraw-devel] 2.1.7 - release candidate

James Rowe jnrowe at ukfsn.org
Sat Sep 8 05:39:26 UTC 2007

[My apologies to Ian for the off-list mail, I hit the wrong reply key :(]

* Ian Beckwith (ianb at nessie.mcc.ac.uk) wrote:
> I'd especially like someone else to look at the package split stuff to
> make sure I've done it right.

  I'd really like to see a configure switch added for opensearch
support.  When a >=2.1.6 surfraw version enters the portage tree it
would make life a whole lot easier for selecting opensearch support, or
for that matter people building by hand.  I've attached a quick patch
which adds such a test, along with a second which uses the cleaner
AS_HELP_MACRO for the --with-elvidir switch for unity.

  I'll also admit that I thought you were talking about physically
splitting the source package in to base and extra, which is the main
reason why I've been holding off on the version bump for Gentoo.

>     + port - look up a TCP/UDP port on seifried.org/security/ports.

  Heh, that is cool.  I end up Googling non-standard ports surprisingly
often, as I prefer only ratified entries in my /etc/services.

> In a couple of days I'll update the web pages and put them live on
> http://surfraw.alioth.debian.org.

  In which case the next Gentoo ebuild will point there, as currently:

    0 jay at bernoulli ~/Desktop $ eix surfraw
    * www-client/surfraw
         Available versions:  1.0.7 ~2.1.1 ~2.1.4 2.1.5 {bash-completion}
         Homepage:            http://alioth.debian.org/projects/surfraw/
         Description:         A fast unix command line interface to WWW



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