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RYTSWI at aol.com RYTSWI at aol.com
Fri Nov 21 03:11:59 UTC 2008

I am volunteering in setting up a site for genealogy for the state of  Iowa.
It is a free service for everyone to use.
I wanted to put on the site your search engine.  I have sites linked  but 
this may be an easier way for this to happen.
I am working with a zero budget.  I have paid for a lot of  stuff.  Made lots 
of mistakes because I did not know what I was doing  technically.  I have 
volunteers but they know less than I.
The main site is:    genealogydomain.com
I will be having a link with in that site to another site ( which I did not  
know I did not need but since I have paid it up for a year I might as well use 
 it.    That site is:   genealogydomain.info.  It  is up so that it can climb 
up the web but I hve so much to do.
I have other programs I am putting on that site as well.
I am working with churches and organizations putting this together.   The 
governor is excited because the advertisement for those who have cottage  
industries will be able to place ads.  That is another program I an trying  to put on 
there as well.
Anyway, I do not understand what to do.  I have read and read it but  the 
terms are new to me.  I know that I will be able to handle it once it  is up and 
running.  But this technical stuff is really hard for me.
Can you give me a simpler step by step process.  When I am looking at  the 
terms ( which I know you understand) I have gone on the net to try and get  
explanations  but some are not there.
Can you help me?
We want to have this site up and running New Years Day.
Because you have allowed this to be a free download, if it is all right  with 
you, we will be putting your ad on in the classified.
Like I said these sites are free for the public to use until their hearts  is 
content. Hopefully, one of the companies here in Iowa will pay for the 5  
years I want this project to at least last.  I believe (speaking to the  
governor's assistant) if this project is a success then there will be money set  aside 
and then we can contact those who have helped and ask for a more intense  
version and do  a better web site.
Thank you for making this available.  Now I need to learn how to put  it on 
the site.
ruby  abebe
email:  _rytswi at aol.com_ (mailto:rytswi at aol.com) 
tele: 319 234 2389
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