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RYTSWI at aol.com RYTSWI at aol.com
Fri Nov 21 15:27:29 UTC 2008

I downloaded your free software: Surfraw.
I am volunteering doing a project for residence in the state of Iowa.
I have set up a free genealogy project that will allow anyone to come and  
use the site.
I am having a simple problem.  I down loaded it but I am having  trouble 
putting it on the site that I paid for.
Is there an inexpensive place that could download it and then, perhaps, I  
could pay the monthly fee?
I will have to figure out how to attach it to the main site tho.
I am working with the governor, many of the mayors, elected officials,  
grassroots organizations, churches and the school in hopes of making this a  
In Iowa (I know that you have read) we have been devastated with tornados  
flattening cities, floods destroying even one of our major cities, storms and so 
 forth this year.  We, like other communities, are feeling the financial  
crunch.  So, I thought it would be great to have something for families and  
individuals for free.
They will have access to a site to do their genealogy.  I know that  there 
are other sites that are doing the same.  But what makes this one  different is 
that it will be a one stop.  Kinda like a shopping center,  where one can go 
and choose from different choices.
I have found other freeware that will be included. 
1. Classified.  (The state of Iowa is willing to work with those  interested 
in setting up  cottage industries and finding grants or  loans.  Their 
advertisements will be free.  YOUR will be on there also  if you would like.  Since I 
am using your software it will be FREE)
2.YOUR software: Surfraw:  Internet search engine--hopefully to be  named 
will include:genealogydomain search engine.  That is not a  must.  Or Freedom 
Search Engine.  I also have another name that would  really be great but I do not 
know if you allow name change.  And if you do  I do not know how to do that.
3.  Articles: where people can place their articles or writing about  their 
family or family experiences.
5. A  Wiki program for the schools, churches, and community to  use 
There is a chat room that is robot monitored.  Any racial slurs,  
discrimination, sexual word will get the person booted out immediately.
This site is family oriented.
Since I am a teacher, I am also working with some teachers in setting up a  
genealogy project so that other teachers will begin to also take interest and  
include it in their various class plans.
Your program: Surfraw is much needed.  For the classroom and for  those out 
of the classroom.
I have been assured that if the project is "looking" to be a success then  
some of the aforementioned will either find funding or an "angel" to keep the  
project going for at least 5 years and if there is a need for upgrading because 
 of the need of traffic, then that will be considered.  If that happens then  
there will be employment for some and purchasing of current or other software 
 suggested by those helping me in the beginning.
I have done all of this out of my meager budget.  And I  really appreciate 
you allowing me to use your software free.
I have set up a statewide media campaign and you will be mentioned.   And 
hopefully, if it is what I pray it to be, I will be able to  request  that one of 
your representatives be interviewed by media.
I have 5 genealogist (certified) who will choose one family member to work  
with to do some genealogy free.  I have not set up the criteria  yet.   But, 
anyone who has helped with this project will be a  priority.   I have 
genealogists from Canada, Germany, Australia, Iowa,  and Ohio.  They are heir finders.  
Interested in one of them? (The  media will be involved.  This is to assure 
integrity in the project.)
Now what is this all about?  I do not know how to put your program on  site.  
I have tried.  My computer is a 1985 and so I guess it does not  have the 
capabilities of doing it.  I know everyone shutters when they know  how old my 
computer is.  But, this is what I have and my budget will  allow.
So, I am asking if you know a host or are you a host where the cost for  
downloading and putting it on site would be "cheap"?    The terms  are somewhat 
complicated...I am an English teacher and not a computer  specialist.
The site will be up and running NEW TEARS DAY 2009.
Can you help me or direct me?
email: _rytswi at aol.com_ (mailto:rytswi at aol.com)  (private)
tele: 319 234 2389  (home)
Oh, the site that is up but not open for registration:   genealogydomain.com
If you would like to see how it generates:  type in Abraham  Lincoln.

thanks alot.

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