[Surfraw-devel] Another patch!

Ivy Foster ivy.foster at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 21:07:27 UTC 2010

James Rowe <jnrowe at gmail.com> wrote:
> [Please excuse the jumbled quoting below, I've done it to make it
> easier to reply to the individual points.]

Meh, no worries. Better to keep it readable.

> joyfulgirl at archlinux.us wrote:
> > [bookfinder]: http://www.bookfinder.com/

>   I'm really not sure about this one.  The interface with "-search=title
> -author=" or "-search=author -title" seems a little convoluted.  I think
> "-author=<author> [title...]" is the nice way to do this.

>   Tell me I'm wrong about this, if you want.

Okay! (-:

There's a configurable variable, SURFRAW_bookfinder_search. By default, it's
set to `title', but it can also be `author' or `isbn'. 

So by default, any args are read as the title, but you can change that if you
tend to search for authors more often than titles. (So the default is
`-author=<author> [title...]', but you can change that if you want to.)

Basically, I just wanted to make sure folks could configurate it. Sorry that
didn't scan!

> > In addition, I added some glue that (according to my tests) seems to make
> > it easier to use [tmux][] instead of screen as $SURFRAW_screen.

> Merged. I also tested it with dtach(the other app I know that sets
> TERM=screen) and that doesn't require the extra quoting, so we know dtach
> works as a side effect too :)


> > [bugmenot]: http://www.bugmenot.com/ 

> > One caveat with the bugmenot elvis is that the site doesn't seem to like
> > text browsers. C'est la vie, I suppose.

> Merged. It is javascript it needs, so using it with elinks or the patched
> w3m is a possibility for the ardent text mode users among us.

Hmm. That means I need to fix something with my elinks. Interesting.

> A quick comment on the patch for future reference: tests shouldn't be
> prefixed with "sr", just call the elvi directly.

Oh, fair enough. I'll keep that in mind!



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