[Surfraw-devel] Patch to fix whitespace errors

Lucas Hoffmann l-m-h at web.de
Sun Oct 5 05:16:17 UTC 2014

On Sun, Oct 05, 2014 at 10:31:20AM +1300, Jason Ryan wrote:
> Thanks Lucas,
> Applied.
> And for the commandlinefu elvi, which was also added.
Thanks for merging these.  I have seen some more style inconsistencies
and want to ask:

Is there any style (guide?) set up for surfraw?  The HACKING file says
> You must call w3_global_usage at the end of this function and follow
> the surfraw usage style least you be marked a quiche eater.
But I'm not sure if that is meant for any general style.

What I have seen:
* different leading whitespace (4 spaces or tabs)
* different process substitutions ( `` or $() )
* variables in functions declared local and not declared local
* initializing variables to the empty string with var= and var=""
* long lines
* if ... then and for ... do on the same line and in different lines

Additionally I have found some pieces of code that are not portable (one
sed command does not work for BSD-sed but does for GNU-sed) and some
pieces of code that I consider ineffective and that could be shortened
or made faster.

Is it welcome if I send patches for this stuff?  Should the above list
be split over several patches (for each topic, which might be easier to
understand later) or should it be one big patch saying "style
improvement" in order to not produce to many commits (and spamming the

Nice weekend to all
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