[Surfraw-devel] Patch to fix whitespace errors

Jason Ryan jasonwryan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 05:31:47 UTC 2014

On 05/10/14 at 07:16am, Lucas Hoffmann wrote:
>On Sun, Oct 05, 2014 at 10:31:20AM +1300, Jason Ryan wrote:
>> Thanks Lucas,
>> Applied.
>> And for the commandlinefu elvi, which was also added.
>Thanks for merging these.  I have seen some more style inconsistencies
>and want to ask:
>Is there any style (guide?) set up for surfraw?  The HACKING file says
>> You must call w3_global_usage at the end of this function and follow
>> the surfraw usage style least you be marked a quiche eater.
>But I'm not sure if that is meant for any general style.
Not that I am aware of; but we could certainly kick one off with this

My preferences would be:

>What I have seen:
>* different leading whitespace (4 spaces or tabs)
Non-committal but I think that tabs currently outweigh spaces

>* different process substitutions ( `` or $() )
Should use $(), it is *much* more legible

>* variables in functions declared local and not declared local
Declare local

>* initializing variables to the empty string with var= and var=""
The latter

>* long lines
Aim for 80, where reasonable

>* if ... then and for ... do on the same line and in different lines
Different lines

>Additionally I have found some pieces of code that are not portable (one
>sed command does not work for BSD-sed but does for GNU-sed) and some
>pieces of code that I consider ineffective and that could be shortened
>or made faster.
>Is it welcome if I send patches for this stuff?  Should the above list
>be split over several patches (for each topic, which might be easier to
>understand later) or should it be one big patch saying "style
>improvement" in order to not produce to many commits (and spamming the
Patches would be welcome (several, I would think, perhaps grouped according to
what is is they are attending to).

What do others think about a agreeing a style guide and then tidying up the code
to conform to it (if only so people don't have to wear the stigma of being a
quiche eater)?




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